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With Mary and all of God’s family

Open your heart more fully to the peace and beauty and joy of God’s Love, and the love we share through God!

Serve one another, our families and friends, and every person in need throughout the world!

Grow closer to God, our Father in heaven, His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and to all his family on earth and in heaven, especially our Blessed Mother, Mary!

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Pray together with Blessed Mary and with one another as we pray the Rosary live online.

Pray together through written personal prayers and intentions that we share with one another here.

Pray together as we welcome and pray for one another on our own, united across heaven and earth in God’s Love.

How to Participate in Prayers with Mary

We meet to pray the Rosary together every Monday through Thursday at 6:00PM Central Time, and on some additional special occasions.

Everyone is welcome! No experience is necessary–only a desire to share the love of Jesus and his mother.

For all the most up-to-date details of our live online Rosary, click here.

As part of our Rosary together, we will pray for the intentions of everyone who has asked us to pray for them.

Please share your personal prayers and prayer intentions below:

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Mary Grace

ple pray with me. I am praying for my daughter who has a epilepsy seizure disorder I am praying for her healing if it is God’s Will. Strength and growth in Faith.

Heather Marsala

For continued healing from the foot surgery I had a few months ago.

Jeremy Chrupka

For those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Jeremy (Ryan/Jonathan/Elizabeth)

I pray that my three children, who are currently in baseball/softball tryouts will be able to share the joy of playing within the same organization. I respect the Lord’s will be done – not mine – and ask that if it be His will that these children will share the bond of playing as part of the same teams. Mary, my Mother, please pray for them, and for me as I try to shepherd my family with love and protection in a godly way. I pray that they have confidence and show great athletic ability in their tryouts and that their prospective Coaches are impressed with both their athletic ability and the content of their character. Thank you, Lord. Blessed Mary, please pray for us.


That I pass my maternity class this term.


For my migraine to go away

Jeremy Chrupka

For those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Esteban Gomez

For all of our sick brothers and sisters around the world and for everyone who lost their jobs as well. 🙏🏻Te lo pedimos señor!


También en oración por que las pruebas por COVID de Melany, Edith y Anahí den negativo🙏


Por la pronta recuperación de Francisco Avilés y sus papás, también de Lucy, Gaby, la madrina de Maru, la tía de Esteban, Eddie, Alex, la Sr. Carmela y Nelly Angelita.

También por los que estamos buscando trabajo🙏


For an end to this pandemic.


Les pido Señor y Maria por la salud, prosperidad y bienestar físico y espiritual de todas nuestras familias y amigos. Que no nos dejen solos en ningún momento, que siempre podamos sentir su amor y tranquilidad. Que la pandemia se acabe y podamos estar todos reunidos de nuevo. Que todas las personas hospitalizadas puedan volver a sus hogares y que cuides a todos los doctores, enfermeras y personas en trabajos esenciales. Y que las personas puedan ver su amor a través de nosotros. Gracias por todas las bendiciones y por despertarnos cada mañana.

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